Top Notch Design & Engineering turns to Kickstarter with Dynamic Sunglasses


Swedish company Top Notch Design & Engineering has during the past 12 months been working on the challenge of merging several existing technologies into a novel, highly designed lifestyle product: SKUGGA Eyewear – Sunglasses with Dynamic Tinting Control.

The product will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in May 2015, hoping backers will pre-order and help push SKUGGA into production.

SKUGGA uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the tint. The tint level can be personalized using the SKUGGA-app via Bluetooth. SKUGGA has no buttons or complex settings. It is simply controlled by swinging the right temple back and forth. And, they turn off when you close them.

Although SKUGGA is a high-tech product on the inside, the slim high class design will surprise you. Award-winning product designer Mikael Ericsson and the SKUGGA team have created a unisex design with high quality details and materials. Top fashion designer Naim Josefi has been advising the team during the process.

For users of prescription glasses, SKUGGA’s frames make it possible to integrate prescription lenses from your local optician, so you can wear your glasses around the clock. For your convenience, the sunglasses are equipped with wireless charging through inductive components.

SKUGGA protects your eyes 100 % from UV light, even when not tinted. However, it is not just your eyes that are sensitive for UV light, so is your skin. An integrated UV-meter makes it possible, via the app, to log your daily UV exposure, helping you to stay safe and within recommended exposure limits.

Highly energy-efficient dynamic tinting technology in combination with an ultra-low power 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller provides for excellent battery life. SKUGGA will have a usage time of approximately 12 hours in activated auto mode.

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Welcome to the New World of Shades!

SKUGGA is sunglasses with dynamic tinting control

SKUGGA is sunglasses with dynamic tinting control, equipped with an ambient light sensor. The sensor adjusts the tint of your sunglasses according to your current environment. In order to get the perfect tint for the situation, you can manually adjust your shades via the SKUGGA-app.