When will SKUGGA be on the market?

SKUGGA is under development with the plan to be ready for production within a couple of months. You can expect to find SKUGGA on the market during 2019.

How light/dark does SKUGGA tint?

SKUGGA has a light transmittance that ranges from 12% (darkest tint) to 55% (lightest tint).

What is the difference between SKUGGA and photochromic lenses (transitions)?

SKUGGA has an ambient light sensor that controls the amount of tint in the lenses (when in automatic mode), whereas transitions lenses change depending on UV-light. In comparison to photochromic lenses, SKUGGA works well indoors as well as in your car, and changes WAY faster – in milliseconds instead of several minutes.

How long is the battery time?

This of course depends on how you use your SKUGGA sunglasses. If you have your SKUGGA in the automatic mode and your surrounding light differs a lot the battery will last over 12 hours.

Can I pre-order SKUGGA?

As soon as we get closer to production start we will be offeringo ur followers the opportunity to pre-order SKUGGA. Please follow our newsletter for a chance to get a pre-order.

What is the UV blockage of SKUGGA?

100% blockage of UVA and UVB.

How waterproof is SKUGGA?

SKUGGA is fine to wear in rain and other moist situations. Exactly what classification of water proofing SKUGGA will have is not yet decided nor tested.

Are SKUGGA polarized?

No, SKUGGA is not polarized.

How is the durability of the glasses and the lenses?

SKUGGA is to be CE-certified, which includes tests of durability and safety. Furthermore, SKUGGA will be compliant with American FDA-standard, meaning even more durability tests are executed. Still, SKUGGA is an electronic product and will always be more fragile than your regular sunglasses – so always keep them safe and in the casing when not in use.

Can I use the product without a smartphone?

Yes, SKUGGA is by default in the Automatic mode and if you choose to use SKUGGA without ever connecting them to a phone or tablet they will work perfectly in this way. However, you cannot change your SKUGGA to the manual mode, or customize your tint, without connecting your sunglasses to the SKUGGA smartphone application.

How can I use SKUGGA with prescription lenses?

SKUGGA will have a connector for prescription lenses behind the LCD-filters. As you receive your SKUGGA you will be able to take them to your local optician that can help you to integrate prescription lenses suited for you.

What does the word SKUGGA mean?

SKUGGA means Shadow or Shade in Swedish.

What happens when SKUGGA is out of battery?

SKUGGA’s lenses will turn to the lightest tint when the battery is out.

Is there an estimated price?

At this time we cannot present an estimated price, as we are in negotiation with suppliers and manufacturers. But a very rough estimation is that SKUGGA will be in the pricing around high brand sunglasses you can find in stores today.

How will I know the battery charge?

Through the SKUGGA-application you can tell the percentage of battery left in your SKUGGA.