Happening right now with SKUGGA

SKUGGA Biljard_cleanDuring the spring and summer we have made a number of improvements to the technology. The LCD-filters are changed to the very latest liquid crystal technology on the market today, which results in a smoother stepless tint. We will not be satisfied until we have the best product on the market. What remains to be further developed is the smartphone application to manually control the glasses through Bluetooth and the UV-meter.

But don’t worry – everything is fully working, and we are almost all set! Next week, 25th- 27th of August 2016 we will launch our new prototypes at the Stockholm’s yearly Optician Fair. Friday, we will hold a workshop with the following topics: ”Can smart glasses be stylish?” and  ”What is the potential of the new technology?”.

We will update our Facebook page during the three days. Follow us on Skuggaeyewear.

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