November Update

The search for the perfect manufacturing partners continues, and so far we are very optimistic in finding partners that can produce the high quality we demand of SKUGGA. SKUGGA is a complex product  As for now, it looks like the product will be produced partly here in Sweden and partly overseas. Meanwhile we have started the very exciting but time consuming task of filing several patents. We are very excited to be able to present our new solutions with you as soon as everything is filed and ready!
Last week one of our long lost colleagues came back to work with us in-office – Welcome back Jonas! Jonas is one of the main intellects behind the technology in SKUGGA, and will from now on work full time in the project! Jonas will take on the PCB, charging and battery and fine tune everything for production. We are so very happy to have him back.
Two weeks ago we had the joy of visiting our supplier of LC-filters for a tour around their production line – and we have to say: Wow, impressive and complex things! We wish we could show you more of this set up, but meanwhile please enjoy these couple of SKUGGA filters freshly from the production line.
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