We are cancelling our Kickstarter Campaign


Hi Guys!

I’m writing this post because we are very sorry to announce that we are cancelling the campaign today. It has been a very hard decision to make and the reasons we decided to cancel are many. This is our first KS campaign and we have learned a lot on this journey and how we can make things better.

This whole project started with an idea about a cool gadget. However, while developing this product we realized how comfortable it is with controlled tint. This is really a game changer; we will never go back to static shades again. We have worked so hard on developing this product and creating this campaign that we forgot to put our heart in communicating our story and vision. We have also missed how difficult it is to reach out in the big black hole of media buzz. But most of all, we have received tons of very useful feedback from you, our fans on how we can develop this product in to something much better. We are a small self-funded company with an excellent team and brilliant people behind it. When we started to execute this project, it was only a side project. But it has now grown and we believe the time is here for this kind of technology and that we are approaching our vision; to make wearables that people really want to wear!

We are now cancelling this project to make necessary changes and to find capital to re-launch with a more refined product during February 2016. If you have suggestions of investors, we would be very eager to hear.

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We won’t stop until people really love wearing and using our SKUGGA Sunglasses, the new era of shades is here to stay!

Best regards from

Mikael Ericsson and the whole SKUGGA team!

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